Hearing loss can be daunting. It’s not enough that you’re suddenly having trouble hearing conversations with friends and family, but now you also have to navigate the complicated world of hearing loss treatment. What is the cause of your hearing loss? Should you see an Au.D. or an M.D.? Is a hearing aid right for you, or can your hearing loss be treated with simple lifestyle changes?

These are just a few of the questions commonly facing those who suffer from hearing loss. But the answers don’t have to be difficult. e-patient allows us to offer not just a diagnosis but also a comprehensive explanation of your condition, its causes, potential treatments, and all options available to you. e-patient allows Hearing Solution Centers to provide you with an education unmatched by any other audiology practice.

Using easy-to-understand videos, simulations, and captions, e-patient provides you the opportunity to offer input on your hearing loss treatment. Your doctor will appreciate this as an informed patient is a patient demonstrating a commitment to better hearing — and that’s the easiest kind of patient to treat. Meanwhile, you’ll feel more comfortable and confident with any treatment plans presented because you will understand the exact causes, circumstances, and options available for your unique form of hearing loss. And e-patient won’t just keep you informed; it also offers your friends and family members a full explanation of what they can expect and how they can offer support.

Best of all, an education from e-patient can protect you from a misdiagnosis. The more you know about your hearing loss, the more accurately you’ll be able to describe your symptoms to your doctor. This will make it much easier to properly diagnose your condition and craft a suitable treatment plan.

While Hearing Solution Centers is the only audiology practice in the Tulsa area that offers you this much crucial information, you don’t have to worry about losing the service if you move. Our AudigyCertified™ practice is allied with 650 providers throughout the United States. If you ever move, e-patient’s meticulously detailed records will follow you and inform your new doctor of your specific situation.

Whether you’ve been wearing a hearing device for years or are just concerned about your hearing, contact us to learn more about e-patient and all the ways we can help you to hear — and live — better.