So there was a question going around the Tulsa area that caught my attention: What is an AudigyCertified Practice in the Hearing Care industry?  Well, it was more like “what the heck is that?” Since no one actually knows what meanings are of certification on any level, I wanted to address that.

The denotation of certification means that one can attest or vouch for in writing one’s abilities. Or to guarantee one has the ability to accomplish a task. The Good Housekeeping Seal is a good example, as well as the Better Business Bureau, of certification recommending a product, service or a person. We have medical boards mentioning this as well. Some have tests to show that a person is able to do what they say they can do. Overall, taking a test to prove that you are qualified is what all Audiologists have done to show that they are competent to see patients for their ear-related concerns. But does that mean that the person is really any good?

AudigyCertified is a designation belonging to members of Audigy Group. It is a looser affiliation of independent, privately-owned hearing care practices in the top 3-5% of the hearing care industry, chosen because of their desire for independence, competency, and excellent patient care. But how does Audigy Group know that any one practice is any good?

Each member of Audigy Group is recommended and acknowledge by their peers as being one of the top professionals in the industry. We are a small industry and almost everyone knows one another in the hearing care space. There are few secrets between practices in America. That is why the vetting process that Audigy does to select the members they want to work for makes all the difference. It would be analogous of me say, “I know this physician. He has taken care of my knee injury and I know, because the difficulty you’ve with your knee is so similar to mine, that he can make a difference in your life.” That is a stronger recommendation than just “see my physician.” That is what Audigy does for us and why we can call ourselves AudigyCertified. Not only that, but each of us has been thoroughly evaluated to know we can accomplish the job of effective ear care.