We are going to do a series of informational discussions regarding What Your Audiologist Wants you to Know.  Now some types of websites take the negative perspective of things “Your Audiologists doesn’t want you to know” as if there was something we are keeping from you.  I hate that concept for our business.  We have monitors in our rooms that allow you to SEE all that we do in adjustments that rarely you will find in hearing clinics around America.  We WANT you to know what is happening so that you may be a part of the process to better hearing.  So here is the first in that series:

PART ONE – Selling Hearing Aids

We do not enjoy nor do we believe that we sell you hearing aids.  We come to this profession, because we want to help people to hear and understand better so that we may change your life.  If we could give away every pair of hearing aids to every person who walks in our door, we would (and we have on occasion).  But like other medical professions, we cannot.  We charge for the hearing aids in order to stay around.

You can research hearing aids for hours upon hours and still not know all there is to know about hearing aids or hearing loss, even if you are an engineer like my father is.  To be a Doctor of Audiology, it takes four years post-graduate work to obtain it.  That is why it is important to find someone who will work with your hearing fully.

State law mandates that every person who purchase hearing aids receive a 30 day trial period.  So if a company is using this 30 day as a SPECIAL OFFER, you should consider the truth that it is a standard throughout all states in America.  Hearing Solution Centers offers a 75 day trial period to make sure that you heard the best you can.  No one else offers that.