Part two in our conversation is the Technology:

We hear this type of question all the time “I buy a TV that is HUGE and it only costs $1500!”  Yes I bought a TV several years ago and it cost about that number.  Why do hearing aids cost from $1300-3300 per ear?  There are a number of factors that we would like to share with you:

1.  $80 million in research and design go into AGX hearing aids only available at Hearing Solution Centers.  They are updated technology meaning that if there are firmware updates, we can plug them in and put more technology within them.

2.  They are only mm in size to accomplish hearing seven days a week and 16 hours per day.  It is the only item that could possible live inside of a moist environment with wax and oils crowding around the opening of the hearing aids.

3.  With as many as 120 separate adjustments, you only want an Audiologist to control your hearing aids.  We charge you nothing for the life of your hearing aids to accomplish any changes to the settings of the hearing aids.  Don’t be fooled by the online companies that say that they can do it.  Every week we have one of those online hearing aid outlets trying to get us to accomplish their adjustments because they do such a poor job of this.  HI Innovations by United Health doesn’t have anyone within 120 miles away from the Tulsa area to see your hearing needs.  Other places are DESPERATE to find an Audiologist who can take care of your ears.  WHY?  Because they cannot do so that far away from you.

4.  We have had to become cell phone experts to keep up with the technologies in the hearing aids.  We have to set the car with the phone to the hearing aids and know why one wants to work with the other effectively or not.  We can make those recommendations in many ways so that you do not have to keep track of the changes.

All patients need as many as two to five adjustments in the beginning to make sure that we have taken care of all the issues in all listening situations effectively.  If it were a McDonald’s Hamburger joint I might have changed the name to something else.  Hearing Solution Centers is the perfect name for who we are.