There are physicians and health care providers who believe that as we get older that hearing loss is just an unfortunate symptom that one must get used to or speak a little louder.  It is seen as losing one’s memory because a conversation was not heard.

I cannot stress more, this is patently false.  There is no “normal for one’s age” comment about hearing loss that is ever true.  If that were true then we should go to the farthest reaches of that comment with all health care and state that knee, back, vision and hearing are just normal with age, therefore any medical or health care is useless and frivolous.  Of course that is an obvious false statement as well.  We all want to be as well as we can for whatever age we are.

So if there is no normal for one’s age, then evaluating one’s hearing must be accomplished by the Audiologist who is uniquely qualified to judge one’s hearing ability as able to help or not.  Please seek an Audiological Evaluation.