So what is this black thing and why would I put it in my ear???  It is a custom earmold that we can make for your ear and customize for your bluetooth device.  If you have an ear level bluetooth piece that you use all the time (and I am glad that you do since we need to keep our hands on the road Oklahoma), then you are not hearing that well with any noise with any bluetooth piece.  Every patient that we fitted one of the molds to their bluetooth device has noticed an immediate difference by turning the volume of their phone down several notches and noticed that they can hear comfortably all day long.  It doesn’t need the hook over your ear to stay in place and it is always effective for communication in any place.  It washes in warm soapy water in your hands (pulling off your bluetooth piece from the mold easily) and it dries overnight.  Call for one of these…They are $75 for the one ear.