I have had a few of my patients ask about hearing aids online.  Any person may choose any point of liberty he or she wishes to operate in one’s own liberty to accomplish one’s goals but I do have a perspective on the subject:

I purchase many things online such as computer parts, books, music and toys for my son.  You can as well.  But, would you purchase prescriptive glasses online?  No you don’t because you know they must be fitted.  Do you purchase knee operations online?  Do you purchase dental implants and ask your dentist to put them in?

Several times patients have entered my office after purchasing a hearing aid online, whether new or used, and asked me to adjust that hearing aid.  Each time we have refused to do so.  You might see this as being high and mighty but I will say that I do not give away my services for the heck of it.  I spend much effort working with my patients to make sure that they all have the best hearing available.  Sometimes, even for myself who has had several remakes per aid that has been made for me because I have a very hard ear to make, I have to adjust and rework that hearing aid to make it work like it is supposed to.

Do you want your hearing to be poorly handled?  Your ear canals have tolerances between 1-4 millimeters of pressure available before discomfort and pain occurs.  Does that type of tolerance work with online/stock aids?  I think you know the answer to that one…