Paying of hearing aids is a question that each patient asks about and wonders about before they grace our doorstep.  It is an honest question but one with a little bit of a complicated answer.  Some consider price as the most important step on amplification.  As we have discussed before, price is important but cannot be the most important.  Now let’s delve into that for a moment:

Would you spent for quality?  You must when it comes to amplification that stays in your ear 16 hours a day, seven days a week.  But, do you need to purchase the most expensive?  NO and NO.  Only Hearing Solution Centers uses a proprietary piece of software called e-Patient to walk a patient through their needs along with an Audiologist to know what is best.  Is the most expensive the best?  Only for sales people, but not for Hearing Solution Centers or you!

We utilize Wells Fargo or Care Credit which gives no interest options and longer payment plans monthly to help you afford what you would like to do.  We also take insurances of all the major carriers which might also be available but we will ask the hard questions of your insurance so that you don’t have to guess and have the horrid surprise at the end about payment.

Ask us to be straight with you because that is our goal with the patients who need hearing aids in Tulsa and the surrounding region.