We just had a patient in the door. “I want my hearing test so that I can go to a wholesaler to get the best price.” Wow…no value in what we offer. Is that his fault? No, it is our job to explain what we are. He purchase through his insurance (nothing out of pocket) with another place in Tulsa for the lowest end technology. Now he asks that we would do the same. Why? “Those weren’t good enough for my needs as a bus driver.” Good point. If what you are doing isn’t working, why repeat the mistake?

Years ago in Denver I purchase a car from Dealin’ Doug. I got a great price on this Dodge Intrepid from Dealin’ Doug but that car had four massive repairs out of warranty before I passed 30K miles. Was it worth it? Heck no. My value was not met in the price. My next car was a Honda Accord with lots of value but much more expensive so that I would be not stopped in I-25 traffic with a dead car.

Come to Hearing Solution to find the right Value because if price is your only option, the cheapest is only good at wholesalers who sell you toilet paper.