I see a lot of the latest hearing technology, and I must say the AGXR Q is a recent standout. I’m excited to tell you about it because I think it will keep you confident in the moments that matter most to you. Why does it stand out to me? Let’s take a look.

Richer Sound Experience

With the new chip platform in the AGXR Q, loud sounds don’t get distorted, and soft sounds reach your ear with far less background noise. You also hear a larger, more nuanced range of tones. Throw in the new radio to provide better spatial awareness and sound localization, and you truly get a richer sound experience.

Optimize on the Go

With the AGX Attune app, you control everything discreetly from your smartphone. You can adjust the volume, change your hearing aid settings, even geotag your settings, so the next time you’re at one of your favorite places, the app automatically adjusts your hearing aid settings for you. Plus, with the Audigy Assist function in the AGX Attune app, you can request updated settings and fine-tunings from us — without an office visit!

Unrivaled Streaming

Whether from a TV streamer, phone clip, or directly from your smartphone, enjoy virtually lag-free streaming from almost any audio source. Plus, compared to other premium hearing aids, the AGXR Q is the preferred tech for music listening 95 percent* of the time and is the preferred tech for sound quality 64 percent* of the time when streaming from an iPhone®.

Advanced Rechargeable Solution

Simply place your hearing aids in the charger when you go to bed, and in the morning enjoy over 24 hours of rechargeable lithium-ion battery life. You get all-day power — without messing with tiny batteries. Forgot to recharge overnight? A quick recharge of 30 minutes still gets you eight hours of hearing power.
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