Thinking about customized in-ear monitors or IEMs to optimize your listening experience? Musicians and audiophiles alike appreciate the power of these tiny devices that pack a big punch.

When fitted in the ear and attached to an output source, IEMs let listeners crisply and clearly hear whatever they want — from their favorite song in the comfort of their living room to their band member’s bass on a stage in front of millions.

With so much riding on this customizable technology, learn why it’s important to get your in-ear-monitor needs handled by Hearing Solution Centers — Tulsa’s number one local expert — rather than an online mass retailer.

Local Service

In-ear monitors are best when professionally customized to the listener’s unique ear shape and hearing needs. With online retailers, you’ll likely end up creating your own ear impressions with a kit, sending them off, and hoping it works out.

Don’t get slowed down shipping your IEMs back and forth trying to get the right fit — it costs extra time and money you don’t want to spend.

At Hearing Solution Centers, our audiologists are musicians and singers as well as hearing care experts. We understand what it takes to create customized in-ear monitors to ensure you hear every single note of every track. Plus, we take care of shipping and any repair issues.

Reliable Expertise

There’s a reason the folks at Drum World refer customers exclusively to Hearing Solution Centers for custom in-ear monitors: With more than two decades of experience, we deliver on our expertise.

Time and again, musicians fitted for customized in-ear monitors by our expert team discover what they’ve been missing. No more problems with onstage feedback and whistling sounds. No more inability to isolate sounds, resulting in a better live performance.

With our IEM-fitted customers now able to drop their listening volumes to a third of previous levels thanks to customized technology, we know we’re making a difference.

Better Value

When it comes to working with local experts versus buying online, Hearing Solution Centers wins for value, too.

With a typical online mass retailer, you’ll spend about $25 per ear impression — in addition to shipping fees and the costs of the actual in-ear monitors. After all is said and done, the final online product could run $100–150 more than an in-ear monitor custom crafted right here in Tulsa.

Contact us today to discover the local difference in getting the best custom in-ear monitors for comfortable, snug fit and the best audio experience. Our experts will answer your questions, discuss your concerns, and develop the best solution for your unique listening needs.