I have talked to many of our patients regarding one topic and it has shown up in commercials of financial brokers.  A commercial discusses December 21, 2012, Mayan Calendar ending noting several worries that investors have in planning for their retirement.  It states that if the next day the sun rises, you might want to consider your retirement planning.

I think that is a good message for all of us.  Election years, American Airlines Bankruptcies, 2012 movies regarding Armageddon are all things in which we have to choose to worry about or not.  But let me ask you to consider:  If I concern myself with the worries of the world, how much will that accomplish?  Should we vote?  Sure!  Should we monitor the news on TV and other sources?  I do but I refuse to live in worry and doubt.  World War II veterans came back to an uncertain circumstance in 1945 and beyond but chose to build the highways and cities we now enjoy.  They built instead of the worry.  Every day was stressful during the Battle of the Bulge or Iwo Jima, but if you lived through those uncertain times, the stresses of the world do not seem to be a high.  This was the overriding message that I heard from my patients in 21 years of hearing the stories.

I think that God has this under control too.  Enjoy today and do not fear for what will happen tomorrow…

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