So near my neighborhood at 121/Memorial, I am driving out of the neighborhood noting Channel 2 news and police cars.  I then drove back through that part of the neighborhood to find that an older gentleman had died in a devastating house fire.  It was so severe that nothing is left.  The van in the garage was burned through when the roof blazes collapsed.  He died due to an electrical heater or space heater catching fire, reportedly.

Most of my patients who don’t want to get help with their hearing do not believe that their hearing is bad enough to worry about it.  I can guarantee you that he didn’t hear the alarm going off in his house.  This is common when we have patients with poorer hearing than the norm.  Do you need to know about your hearing?  Only Hearing Solution has trained Audiologists who have been certified by Audigy Group of 250 of the biggest practices in America with the best standards.  Don’t you want to know about your hearing?