Moms are a busy bunch.

Those duty-juggling, many-hats-wearing wonders cherish time for themselves. Whether on a walk, behind an easel with a paintbrush, or climbing a rock wall, those moments are even better when they can enjoy every sound. Is your mom — or a mom you know — not savoring the sounds of her life?

Recognizable Signs

Does she not engage with conversations like she used to? Maybe she’s not as quick to laugh? Perhaps she looks at you more intently when you’re talking? These are common signs of hearing loss. She might not even realize she’s pulling away from her life. And it takes, on average, seven years for someone to seek treatment once they do suspect they have a hearing loss. Maybe she just needs a nudge in the right direction.

Better Hearing, Better Life

The benefits of seeking hearing care go far beyond better hearing. Results from a study released by the National Council on Aging found that hearing aid users reported:

  • Improved relationships at home
  • Improved relationships with children and grandchildren
  • Improved self-esteem
  • More willingness to get out and enjoy life
  • Improved abilities in their chosen recreational activities
  • A better life overall


Modern, Invisible Technology

If that weren’t enough, the traditional barriers to seeking hearing care — being seen as needing a hearing aid, for example — are a thing of the past. Today’s technology is not only practically invisible, but it also works seamlessly and continuously with the environment to maximize the wearer’s experience no matter where they go. Today’s hearing devices can even be adjusted using a smartphone!

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