I picked this question up recently:  “I am hearing impaired.  What cell phone should I buy?  Which hearing aids work best with phones?”

Hearing aids and cell phones are sometimes difficult to pair correctly. We know it is important for you to hear better in all aspects in life, including your phone conversations.

Cell Phones have rating scales such as T1 – T5.  T 1 is a low volume rating to the highest at T5.  Most phones sit around a T2-T3 range.  Smart phones sometimes are not great with the volume because of the small opening of the receiver for your ear.  Some Android phones have been better about hearing loss and volume; while the iPhone has moved forward with more powerful amplification.  All of them have Bluetooth so if your hearing aids are Bluetooth then you could hear people talking right through them!  Through our strategic partner, we offer AGX Hearing Aids that provide Bluetooth capability which you may not be able to find locally in Oklahoma.

Jitterbug phones are rated at a T5 with the most amount of amplification of any phone we have seen. Unfortunately, Jitterbugs are not smart phones but still offer basic texting and telephone use.  When looking to purchase a new cell phone, be sure to test the amplification of the device to ensure that you can hear properly.  Hearing Solution Centers has taken plenty of time to get to know most of these phones to set them up to work well with hearing aids.  Schedule an appointment with us to have us look at your cell phone because better hearing is worth it!