I am a musician and have been around worship bands and many other types as well.  All musicians have the potential for hearing loss because we crank our music way too loud trying to listen for nuances and subtleties of sound.  When you have, for instance, a band on stage trying to listen to one another for sound checks, it is becomes a “Dueling Banjo” problem with one becoming louder than the other.  Many musicians and singers will experience hearing loss after being around this kind of loud noise for so long.

The drummer on the other hand may see significantly more hearing problems starting most often in the left ear.  Why left?  The left ear is beside the snare drum. This particular drum is pounded and used much more than the others.  Most drummers wear headphones but they do not protect the hearing enough to prevent hearing loss.  We recommend audiological evaluations every two years and the use of triple driver custom-made in ear monitors with an extra bass boost.  The extra bass allows clearer understanding of the bass guitars which is critical for the back beat and allows the band to flow within the needs of the music.

If you are a musician or someone that is constantly exposed to loud noises, please call us to schedule an appointment. We can help you protect your hearing and preserve your ability to hear those critical sounds!