“Whom should I see?” is a common question among Tulsa Area residents.  I have felt confused by the last person I talked to about hearing help.  After that communication it made many of our patients leery of even investigating a problem to address. Let me tell you of my story along a medical line:

I tore my left ACL (major knee ligament which supports your knee) in 1998 playing basketball.  I have messed it up further and followed them up with three total surgeries.  The first surgeon made me feel as I was a bother with my questions and knew that I should have left his office.  Several years after that surgery which was wildly unsuccessful my wife prodded me to show up at another surgeon’s office.  I hemmed and hawed in the waiting room and gave every negative response about wanting help for my knee due to out of pocket expenses, pain, annoyance, and you name it.  This surgeon stopped me with a few comments to say that he didn’t want to watch me years later hobbling around the city with a bum knee.  A few more questions and answers got me to trust again.

Have you felt that way with your hearing?  Did you know that I am almost 46 years old and wear hearing aids as well due to my own hearing problem?  Many patients walk into my office and complain that they are too young or too old to get help with their hearing.  Too young is readily addressed when they see my ears.  Too old can be stated this way:  one quarter of a year three years ago, I calculated that 13 patients over 89-104 years old had come to our office to receive NEW help for their hearing needs.  If someone says that he or she is too old to hear, I become extremely sad because that is not the response of my patient’s family.  The family wants my patients to hear.  I once fit a patient whom the son and the mother confirmed that the mother had a terminal disease and had six months to live.  They both mentioned that they had much to talk about.

Don’t you want to communicate with your family?  Come see a licensed and certified Audiologist who will utilize the latest equipment and the newest procedures including e-Patient, a radically new piece of software which will explain your condition fully so that nothing is left to guess.