What do in-ear monitors connect to? Where do they plug in? Which in-ear monitor system works best? How do you wear them?

For robust worship bands tackling the challenge of maintaining audio that’s loud and clear enough for onstage needs yet not so thunderous as to draw complaints from the congregation, ditching the wedges for in-ear monitoring systems is often the best solution.

Once your church decides to take that step, however, what’s next? It’s a cinch to use in-ear monitors, or IEMs, so here’s a quick primer on how they work:

  • What do they look like? In-ear monitors — quite possibly a musician’s best friend — are small but powerful devices that look like clear or colored earmolds with an attachable wire. They typically come with a 3.5-millimeter jack to hook up to sound.
  • How are they worn? For optimal fit, seal, sound isolation, and audio quality, it’s best to go with customized IEMs — they’re tailored to your ears, are easy to insert, and easy to remove. Simply match the right and left earmold to the corresponding ear, lightly rotate it into the ear canal, and run the wire behind the ear. When removing the device, tug it gently and rotate it forward. Avoid pulling the wires.
  • Where do they plug in? IEMs connect by wire or wirelessly to the mixer. In a wireless format, which allows for even greater mobility onstage and off, plug the in-ear monitors into your wireless receiver belt pack. The receiver gets the feed from the mixer through a wireless monitor transmitter, to which the mixer is connected.
  • Which in-ear monitor system works best? That depends on your worship band’s specific needs. Choosing IEMs starts with a professional who not only understands how they work but who can also tailor them to each musician. From the number of drivers in the device and the shape of the customized shell to the faceplate design and more, IEMs involve several factors that an experienced professional can best tackle.


At Hearing Solution Centers, the number one spot in Tulsa for in-ear monitors, our audiologists are musicians and singers. We understand what it takes to create customized IEMs to ensure performers hear every single note of every song.

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