So I had a Worship Leader of a church yesterday that I had ordered the In Ears for him from Westone. He had purchased from Sweetwater (an online company who also does Westone) but just wanted impressions. When he found out how tough his ear canal and how much less we were than the online company, he cancelled his order with Sweetwater and went with us. Yesterday was his fitting of the In Ears. At no fault whatsoever with Westone, 20% of the patients have too sensitive of an ear canal as related to their ear impressions (long story but this happens to Audiologists and manufacturers alike). I ground his molds down and shortened them. It took me more than 20 minutes of work to make them correct for him. This would have been three remakes and several mailings within several weeks of non-usage of his In Ears with any online company. What’s the morale of the story? When you have a custom device, go local! Only a local Audiologist can accomplish your needs.