So this week I was fitted with the Made for iPhone Hearing Aids from Audigy called the SP series. Overall they are much better than any other manufacturer’s hearing aids which includes brands like ReSound, Siemens, Cleartone/Sebotek, Widex or Phonak. And as part of their compatibility with the iPhone, you can download an App to that has some amazing features. Here are some of the things I discovered about the app that goes with my hearing aids:

1.  FIND YOUR HEARING AID – Last night, I wanted to open the battery door, but forgot where I put my hearing aids. With the new app, all I had to do was select the Find Your Hearing Aid function, and I can see the last place my aids were when the batteries were opened. It displays the location within 100 meters, so it isn’t pinpointed to your counter, but it will get you close. That is a big deal!

2.  GEO TAGGING – When I find a place that is a challenging location, I can tell the app to GEOTAG the location, which means it will find that location each time I walk into that Coffee Shop or Restaurant. You can set up to 16 separate locations.

3.  MICS – I can boost any conversation to the mic on my iPhone and I can even record it. Ever forget that phone number because you didn’t have time to write it down? With this app, you can record it and the app will store it so you can go back and retrieve it later. And the mic will play the recording directly in to your hearing aids.

4.  ADJUST ALMOST ANYTHING – With this app, I can adjust the streaming of my music or a radio station on the iPhone or even adjust the volume of the hearing aids themselves. The audiologist at your AudigyCertified practice can even help you program memory settings, so your hearing aid volume will automatically adjust to the appropriate levels for certain situations at the touch of a button.

A few words of caution:

  1. You must have an iPhone 5 type device for it to work best. An iPhone 4S will do most functions, but music will stream only to one ear because of the bluetooth limitations of that iPhone.
  2. You must see a Doctor of Audiology to have this completed. These are TOO complicated for most others to program, so we really only recommend that an Audiologist from an AudigyCertified practice to handle these devices.

That’s it. For those who already have Hearing Solution Centers’ Hearing Aids with bluetooth remotes, don’t worry! There are major updates coming out later this year for your existing hearing aids. You don’t need new ones. But if you are unsure, schedule a time to see if there are firmware updates available on the hearing aids.