As a longtime user of hearing aids, I am personally familiar with the frustration of challenging listening situations. But I recently began using one of the new technologies that’s come into the office, and it’s been extremely helpful.

Just the other day I was in a business meeting with many people talking in the background. This energetic man next to me wanted to tell me all about his son. And I wanted to show him I was paying attention, but I really could not understand him at all. I did the polite thing—as so many of us with hearing loss do—by nodding at the correct times. Then I realized that this was the perfect situation for using my new SurfLink Mobile device to hear him better. I set the pocket-size SurfLink in the middle of the table (it looks just like a cell phone!), and the microphone transmitted his voice wirelessly to my hearing aids. Even though I’ve seen this technology demonstrated many times, I was amazed at the difference.

Come see us to experience this technology for yourself, and hear better even in crowded rooms. I suspect that, like me, you’ll be impressed!