We are the first hearing clinic that has received the option of a mobile device which matches to one’s cell phone and other devices wirelessly.  How can we do that?  The AGX Mobile has the option with our AGX Wireless hearing aids that many have in the past year to be set to hear without any extra devices sitting around your neck.  Don’t be fooled by any local hearing aid companies who state that they can do the same thing when only Hearing Solution Centers has this technology.  Our upgradable hearing aids require a five minute download to add this technology point and then one may purchase this device as an addition.  What does it do?

1.  Extra amplification of speech in noise CLINICALLY proven to improve speech understanding that NO other device in the world can accomplish in noisy restaurants.

2.  Wireless communication on your cell phone that picks up your voice in the hearing aid’s microphone and wirelessly connects it to your cell phone.

3.  Sit it beside the TV and it picks up and sends a wireless signal from your TV to your hearing aids.

4.  It is available in the smallest to most powerful sizes of devices for the mobile capabilities.

Call us today for a special demonstration of the technology.