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Hearing loss can leave you feeling left out of the loop, or even worse, cause awkward social encounters. If hearing trouble has left you feeling disconnected from loved ones, then you’re in the right place.  Call today to schedule a completely comprehensive hearing evaluation and to consult with our Tulsa audiologist. There’s absolutely no obligation!

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We are #1 in Tulsa for In-Ear Monitors!

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In-ear monitoring was brought to the forefront as a way to eliminate feedback from conventional stage monitors typically located on stage in front of the musicians and in close proximity to their microphones. By placing high-fidelity miniature speakers in custom earmolds, stage monitors could be eliminated, allowing the vocal microphones to be turned louder without the risk of feedback.

As in-ear monitoring technology improved, other benefits were recognized:

    In-ear monitoring allowed musicians to control the volume of their instruments or voices, and balance them in relation to the mix of the rest of the band.
    Varying room acoustics have a great deal of influence on the sound coming from a floor monitor. In-ear monitoring, with high isolation from ambient sound, provides consistent sound because the acoustic environment (the ear canal) is not greatly affected by variations in room acoustics.
    With floor monitors, the musician is forced to either stand directly in front of it or line up consecutive floor monitors across the stage. Using wireless FM transmitters with in-ear monitors, the musician is free to go anywhere on stage (or off!) without sacrificing sound quality.
    No bulky floor monitors means less freight to carry.
    Because of feedback, floor monitors cannot always be turned up loud enough to be heard, so vocalists must put undue strain on their vocal cords to hear themselves. Elimination of floor wedges and feedback also eliminates vocal fatigue.
    Just because musicians wear monitors in their ears does not mean they are protected against unsafe sound levels. Some in-ear monitors can produce as much as 120 dB-A measured in the ear! With proper use and care, in-ear monitors provide appropriate hearing conservation in loud, concert environments.

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We are #1 in Tulsa for In-Ear Monitors!

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In-Ear Monitors Testimonials

I found HSC and Dr. Young after deciding to get custom in-ear monitors. There’s a reason HSC is recommended by so many musicians in the area! If you’re considering custom in-ears, you owe it to yourself to check this place out. The process was so easy and Dr. Young took the time to discuss the options and what would work best for my situation. I had my CIEMs in hand in 12 days and the fit was perfect. Highly recommend!

Daniel M

“I’m a worship leader. I had used the Sure line of in-ear monitors for the past 4 years. But when I finally got my set of Custom Musician Monitors, the quality boost was so great it almost brought me to tears! The clarity is better than closed studio phones, the bass response is amazing, the comfort of a custom-fit is irreplaceable. I could never go back to anything else.”

Tim Lucas, Worship Pastor

I found HSC because I drove by it everyday. I’m a professional drummer and wanted to get my hearing checked. I will never go anywhere else. I ended up buying a great set of Starkey in-ear monitors. The people there are very helpful and patient. They took the time to talk with me to figure out what would work best for me. They’ve given great continued support with any of the minor issues I’ve had with my monitors.

Jason G

“I love the triple ear monitors that I got from your office. They fit so exact and comfortably and block out unwanted noise from the outside which enables me to hear everything sharply with a lot less volume. I use less than half the volume than I did before! And since I can hear everything with such definition, I feel more confident and precise with every performance.”

A. L. Beadle

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