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by | Jul 27, 2022 | Audiologist, New Technology

Summary: Hearing Solution Centers offers advanced hearing aids to people with hearing loss and related problems in Tulsa. Their solutions include hearing aids and custom in-ear monitors, hearing evaluations, tinnitus treatment, and the newly launched Cognivue screening tool for brain function issues. 

Tulsa, OK: Hearing Solution Centers wants to bring everyone with hearing loss back into the conversations, thanks to their advanced hearing aids. Other service offerings include Hearing Evaluations, Hearing Aid Repairs, Earwax Management, Tinnitus Solutions, and Custom In-Ear Monitors. The center offers large and tiny devices that are easy to handle as well as near-invisible devices. The lead audiologist Tulsa OK has a stellar reputation for delivering the latest hearing devices that match patients’ needs. Hearing Solution Centers has introduced the Cognivue screening tool to enhance service delivery in determining if cognitive or dementia issues are occuring. 

Established in 1991, the center takes hearing impairment seriously because they know it can affect the ability to hear and the quality of life. Hearing Solution Centers mission is better hearing leads to a better life. Their audiologists offer a few steps to experience a better hearing, beginning with calling the office and scheduling a hearing test. Dr. Scott Young owns the hearing aid and treatment center.

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Hearing Solution Centers is focused on providing the best possible care following the best industry practices. During the evaluation, patients go through an interview to help practitioners determine the extent of hearing impairment. Their audiological evaluation covers critical procedures such as hearing screening, speech assessment, and middle-ear evaluation. Speech assessment tells the audiologists how well the patient’s hearing is and whether they can understand a conversation at different volumes. Standard treatment options include Hearing Aids, earwax removal, and tinnitus treatment. 

The top reasons to check-in at Hearing Solution Centers are a belief in an enlightened and educated patient and access to state-of-the-art hearing aids designed to optimize the patient’s hearing. Patients also get accurate hearing aid fitting and programming, detailed audiometric testing, and a team that loves what they do. With the introduction of Cognivue, a popular cognitive screening tool, the audiologist Tulsa OK team will now quickly and easily detect cognitive decline at an early age. Their elaborate recommendation of assistive listening devices is well orchestrated to help patients with difficulties hearing standard devices like telephone ringing and clocks buzzing. The center operates Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5 pm. 

Hearing aid repairs are provided as part of regular maintenance and to take care of wear and tear. Besides delivering accurate diagnoses, the hearing aid experts will inform patients if their devices are beyond repair. The tell-tale signs include devices over five years, visibly damaged hearing pieces, and hearing aids with extensive repair history. Because the center cares deeply about patients, they have received many rave video reviews.

To schedule a comprehensive hearing test with the hearing loss experts at Hearing Solution Centers, call +1 (918) 388-6644. The center is located at 6550 E 71st # 101, Tulsa, OK, 74133, US. In social media circles, the center is active on Facebook and on YouTube with dozens of educational videos related to hearing.


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