Several months ago my staff and I went to one of our Audigy manufacturers regarding the new technology.  All of them were on the edge of this technology for sometime.  There was a sound chamber killing of 2.4kHz signals that occur in the iPhones with their testing of them.  I stepped in the chamber but two hours later as I was going to the airport to come home, my iPhone would not work.  I had to restart it due to the testing nature of the sound chamber.  Pretty impressive.

Now there is a “Made for iPhone” hearing aid only available for Audigy Group members called AGXsp.  It is fully run through the iPhone 4S and above phones.  Restaurants, Cell Phone calls, streaming to the phone, and so much more such as remote control from an app on your phone to our exclusive hearing aids.  They are available today.

For those of you who have remote controls through our office right now, within four months there will be a significant upgrade for those current aids … so wait for news on that as well.