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We have briefly outlined our process below in four easy steps. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us! Our friendly staff is standing by!


Step 1

Now that you’ve emailed us, we will call you at the requested time to have a conversation about how we can help. During that conversation, we will answer any questions that you have and provide information on our company, and schedule an appointment for you if you’d like to move forward.


Step 2

At your appointment, we collect background and history. If you’d like to fill out our forms ahead of time, saving you time at your appointment, you can download the forms now at:


Step 3

We look for any medical issues that may be causing your hearing loss. Sometimes the culprit causing hearing loss can be as simple as wax. Whether it’s that, or something more serious, we can help you and provide the perfect solution for your situation.


Step 4

We do in-depth hearing tests for you with tones as well as speech testing. After your tests, we gather all the information together to come up with the right solution that works for you!