Should I use Q-Tips to Clean my Ears?

So here is a doctor of Audiologist’s take on this issue.  QTips were the silliest thing invented not because they aren’t useful but because we KNEW that people would stick this in their ears.  When I was just outside of my residency here in Tulsa I talked with this one physician who reported that a patient had a “misadventure with a Q-Tip”.  She was cleaning out her ear with her elbow out and her daughter tapped her mom on that elbow, BANG right through the ear drum.  Massive pain and the surgery is called a Tympanoplasty to repair it.

Best thing is to come to our office to allow us to complete wax removals for you and you can also buy for a small price wax removal kits specially made for Audiologist’s offices.  Keep all little things out of ears:  bobbie pins, pencils, pens and QTips.