It is fascinating to know that Hearing Solution Centers chooses manufacturers only in the Big Six grouping.  What does that mean?  That means that our manufacturers spend 70 million a year on research and design to update current technology if there are any new concepts that should be added or to create new technologies.  Two days ago is an example: we had a patient who receive her hearing aids on August 1, 2011.  After 10 minutes of updates on the computer we took her 2011 technology to 2012 technology without any charge.  New technologies are available for you as well.

Have you ever heard the lie that “as soon as you walk out of the computer store your new computer technology is already out of date?”  Well that is also untrue in the hearing technology field as well.  Local small manufacturers cannot compete with the upgrades that Hearing Solution Centers can give you because we utilize these world wide top companies.  The next time you call a place here in Tulsa, ask how much they spend in research and design each year for their technology? If they don’t create their own, what do their manufacturers spend?  You might be suprised by the answer.