I was asked by my wife to talk a little about swim plugs.  Firstly, who needs these?  Anyone who experiences fullness in his or her ears might feel unbalanced when water slips deep into the ear canals.  Another group of people have experienced ear infections in his or her ears which needs to be plugged off by specific ear plugs.

Some will try the cheap way of ear plugs by getting something over the counter for a few dollars.  It NEVER works well.  No ear canal can keep those in the ear for any amount of time.  Swimming is one of the best activities for those who have lived with injuries to the knees and hips.  Running and jumping type exercises cannot be accomplished on older knees due to the pounding.

Ears need to be a dry place and pools are not the cleanest of water available to a person.  Swim plugs will float if you accidentally misplace them out of your ears.  Swim plugs can last for years.  Many patients have reported that Hearing Solution Centers makes the best impressions in the city of Tulsa.  Why?  We have specific techniques not taught in schools or on the job training sites.  Trust your ears to those who love them the most…

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