You hear with your ears and your brain

When you hear a sound, your brain locates it, focuses your attention on it, separates out background noise, and tries to recognize it to create meaning.

But when you have a hearing loss, sound gets jumbled, so your brain has to work harder to understand speech. This leaves less brainpower for important things such as thinking and remembering. In short, hearing loss isn’t just about hearing — it’s also about understanding.

But there’s more.

Just like with exercise, the less you use the hearing part of your brain, the more out of shape it becomes. So the longer you leave your hearing loss untreated, the harder it is to retrain your brain to understand speech when you start using hearing aids.

Today’s hearing technology is specially designed to support your brain. It locates the sounds you’re trying to hear, focuses on them, and separates out background noise — before the sound even reaches your eardrum. Your delighted brain can more easily process the sound, which frees up brainpower for thinking, remembering, and much more.

Watch below as Dr. Young describes a patient’s experience with untreated hearing loss, and if you suspect you or a loved one has a hearing loss, contact us today to schedule an appointment.