One comment that comes up most often is when patients ask about ringing in the ears. So I am going to answer those questions one at a time:

  1. What is it? Ringing has a term called Tinnitus. It is somewhat of a junk term to incorporate all ringing noises in the ear. There are many noises that the ear can create that is heard almost always by the sufferer of Tinnitus.

  2. Why is it happening? Tinnitus occurs normally from hearing loss of various types. This needs to be diagnosed by your Audiologist or an Ear physician. Hearing Aid Dealers know something about it but cannot give diagnosis of Tinnitus and are actually barred in the state from making any diagnostic comments. Sometimes Tinnitus occurs from brain injuries like concussions or other disease processes. There are many famous people who suffer from Tinnitus including William Shatner late of the Star Ship Enterprise (on the side he is an actor when he is not captaining space craft).

  3. What can be done about it? The treatment depends somewhat upon the cause. It is always possible we will never know the cause but until you schedule an appointment with an Audiologist first, that cause will remain a mystery. Treatments could be medicines or surgeries on rare occasions. Much of Tinnitus, however, can be accomplished by hearing aid amplification. Some of our manufacturers have newer technologies that actually make a difference by adding signal to the hearing aid to reduce tinnitus with specific counseling from the Audiologist.

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