We talk about this strange thing called Tinnitus but then I realized that most people weren’t really sure what it is and when it is bad.  Tinnitus is the junk term for any ringing occurring from the ears, which also could be buzzing noises, pulsating or screetching noises.  Now you have to understand, everyone has Tinnitus from time to time.  If you have been up too long or had a little too much loud sound damage at the concert you have been too once in the last five years, you could experience short bursts of ringing in your ears that causes your hearing to feel that it decreases for a short time.  The real troubling Tinnitus that we are discussing is the constant Tinnitus that doesn’t go away for days then weeks to years.  It might have some intermittancy (comes and goes) but normally is back quite a few times per week.

My father in law told us that he turns the TV up just to get rid of his crickets.  When we tested his levels, his Tinnitus was very difficult to handle.  We have several options for patients who experience this persistent problem.  But we are also hosting a study that will see if some alternative and safe treatments will make a difference.  We will be using Young Living Oils (YoungLiving.com) that are completely safe to use but only in a particular way to accomplish the reduction or elimination of your noises.  You must call our offices to get your name put into the study for a full evaluation to know if your ears allow you to be eligible.



Dr. Young