We have patients that come in to our office and wear their hearing aids faithfully for the first month or two then when we call them to get the hearing aids serviced, they are not wearing them.

Why?  Because sometimes we get out of the habit of wearing something that is good for us.  My son needs to use a brace that keeps his back straight when he works on the computer (which is quite a bit of the time).  He feels better when he does but forgets to.  He has lost the habit.

Most Psychologists will tell you that if you will practice something for 20 days in a row, it will become habit forming.  Sometimes we hear that a patient was very ill and in bed then stopped wearing them after that week of being in bed.  Now all patients just need to get back into the habit but come back for more tuning and servicing that only Hearing Solution does for free for the life of the hearing aids.