We get a constant question regarding the meaning of AudigyCertified.  It is a valid query.  To be AudigyCertified is a high honor.  When I asked to be a part of Audigy Group, there were many application and interviews formal and otherwise until our clinic was allowed to be the only one in Tulsa.  I really didn’t understand the level of honor until I overheard at a cookout I attented that Audigy put on.  They were discussing the Audiologists and other potential business owners across America.  I heard the pickiness that exhibited in their choice of private practice groups.  Many groups around the nation are banding together with larger groups of dispensing professionals that only requires joining a group (of which I had initiated with one or two over the years before a mutual agreement to enter Audigy).

Audigy Group does not own Hearing Solution Centers but I have ownership in it.  It is a unique group of the best professionals and highest ethically based in America who are handpicked.  In Audiology and Hearing, it is the fastest growing portion of the national hearing care market that believes that a practice owner, such as myself, must operate with autonomy and integrity.  Integrity is badly overused in health care today and the worst understood definition.  It is not doing something correctly from your own viewpoint but has to have national standards to back up that definition of hearing care.  I take it one step further to intimate that my God will hold me accountable for all that I do.  My poor works will be burned up and will be shown as a waste.  Our whole clinic frets over the correct choices for each patient interaction until we get it right.