I would love to encourage Tulsa to Hear Better in 2015.  Let’s count the reasons:

1.  Your Spouse/Family – These people that you spend the most time with are the most important to hear.  If you don’t hear them, they perceive that you don’t love them or care about what they are saying.

2.  Your Friends – It is not that fun to have to repeat all the comments that you are not understanding.  If your friends have to do this enough then they stop telling you about those issues because they will then miss what is said.

3.  Your Employer/Employees – Lower on the totem pole is pay.  Higher and many times the highest is being heard.  This isn’t just meaning one’s hearing ability but truly three levels:  Hearing, Understanding and Listening.  Let’s commit to doing all three.

4.  Safety – If we cannot hear where sirens and alerts are coming from, how are we going to pay attention to them.  Please make 2015 safe in your life!