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Custom Ear Plugs &
Molded Ear Plugs

Bluetooth Earmold

This custom earmold is made for all those who wear a bluetooth piece and are frustrated that the non-custom buds don’t fit. More than 60% of all people cannot wear a non-custom piece in their ear for more than 30 minutes without pain. A custom mold for your bluetooth will improve your hearing ability on your system by almost double in most listening situations because it directs the sound into your ear naturally. Also, the mold stays in your ear without wearing the uncomfortable hook over your ear with which all bluetooth pieces come.


Custom BlueTooth Earmold 150x150 1

iPhone / iPod

These custom earmolds adapt the widely used earbuds that come with many audio devices, including cell phones. The standard earbud is uncomfortable for most people. Also, because of the poor fit, people have to turn up the volume to a very high level and this could have an effect on your hearing. When you add our custom fit earmolds to the original earbuds you get a comfortable fit all day, plus you don’t need that extra volume to hear clearly. These earmolds are well designed to be used with your iPod, Game boy, any mp3 or audio device, computer, TV or anything else you can plug your earbuds into.


custom earbuds ipod gameboy

Passive Musician Ear Plugs

These specially designed custom fit Musicians Ear Plugs are made of a soft durable material and then fitted with a special filter (10 dB,17 dB, 26 dB) that allows both high and low frequencies to pass through, but at a reduced volume level. This will protect your hearing while letting you continue to hear the full range of sound going on around you.


custom musician plugs

Custom Ear Plugs

These solid ear plugs are made of a soft durable medical grade high-strength silicone material that are custom fit for your ears. Custom ear plugs will give you maximum comfort and hearing protection (25-30 dB) for any recreational/occupational environments.



custom earplugs

Custom Racing Ear Plugs

Racing molds are designed for amateur and professional drivers who demand quality communication. The custom design allows maximum comfort and durability and provides excellent sound suppression under any racing helmet


Racing ear molds

Swimmer’s Earplug

Custom Swimmer Earplugs provide excellent protection from water in the ear. They’re made of super-soft hydrophobic silicone and come in a variety of colors. Swimmer earplugs also provide hearing protection.


custom swimmer earplugs

Pilot Headset Mold with Boom

A thick shell or receiver style designed to accommodate a boom to support the boom mic attachment of the headset. Professional pilots have several choices in headset communications Some of the most popular are the Telex 5 x 5 Pro III, Plantronics MS-30, MS-50, MS-57 and 5 x 5 Mark IIA. There are two different styles of booms available: A receiver style earpiece with a snap-on boom and a thick shell style earmold with a screw-set adaptor for the boom.


custom pilot earplugs
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No Matter The Situation, Our Tulsa Audiologists Are Prepared To Help With These Services:

Audiological Evaluations

Audiological Evaluations

Hearing impairment affects more than just your ability to hear — it affects your quality of life. Hearing Solution Centers stresses the importance of an accurate and timely hearing test. Call us today to schedule an apointment.

Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive Listening Devices

Individuals with hearing loss sometimes have more difficulty hearing basic technology that is a part of regular daily life, like telephones ringing or alarm clocks buzzing. Assistive Listening Devices cure this problem.

Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing Aid Repairs

Even if you take care of your hearing aids and keep up with regular maintenance, time takes its toll on all technology, and it’s possible that yours will eventually wear out through the course of normal use.

Custom Ear Plugs & Molded Ear Plugs

Custom Ear Plugs & Molded Ear Plugs

Hearing loss happens for many reasons, one of the most popular being exposure to loud noise (noise-induced hearing loss, or NIHL). Hearing Solution Centers offers a variety of custom ear plugs and molded ear plugs.

Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus Treatment

Though the common misconception about tinnitus is that it’s a disease, tinnitus is actually a medical condition characterized by persistent ringing in one or both ears that can only be heard by the affected individual.

Earwax Management

Earwax Management

Earwax, that yellowish-brown substance produced by the glands of the external ear, may conjure the ick factor for many people, but it actually serves a pretty important purpose. Our treatments will help you manage it in a healthy way.

Hunter Hearing Protection

Hunter Hearing Protection

Digitial Hunter’s Hearing Protection is designed for hunters and shooters who need amplification as well as hearing protection.

Custom In-Ear Monitors

Custom-Molded In-Ear Monitors

As the #1 custom-molded in-ear monitors provider in Tulsa, we are committed to helping Tulsa musicians hear every note.

Custom In-Ear Monitors

HSC Bluetooth Medical Devices

Our first-ever medical-grade hearing enhancement and earbud hybrid, these buds enhance the world around you and help you hear your music and calls better.

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