Many of our long-time hearing aid patients know this: In the past, hearing aid users had no warning of the batteries in their devices dying. Their hearing would slowly worsen over the course of a day or two, and eventually they would realize the devices they were using provided no real benefit because they ran out of power.

Now, things have changed. Most of the hearing aids we offer speak a warning when batteries are about to die. And since we are part of Audigy Group, most of our patients receive free hearing aid batteries for one to three years with their hearing aids—just stop by our office every three months, and you’re all set. Those who never approached Hearing Solution Centers about better hearing are invited to come to our office for batteries for two reasons: Our batteries are guaranteed fresh because they’re delivered monthly, and they’re less expensive than almost anywhere else in the Tulsa area—including Walmart and Walgreens.

The vocal battery warning is also pretty easy to change to a different gender, or even a different language. Just one example: A patient with significant dementia once complained to us that she was tired of the man talking to her every Sunday about changing her battery, and wondered why it couldn’t be a woman. While it’s hard to offer much help with her dementia, the man’s voice was pretty easy to get rid of.